The Pioneers of Offshore Engineering

GustoMSC is recognized for providing advanced design & engineering consultancy for mobile offshore units and reliable equipment supply. In close cooperation with our clients, we translate experience, science, and technical knowledge into realistic & innovative ideas. The performance of new and existing jack-ups, vessels and semi-submersibles is further optimized by our operational support and engineering consultancy. In this way, GustoMSC enables and supports safe and efficient operations at sea, contributing to a sustainable future. 

ESG, a natural course for offshore pioneers

Projects at sea in offshore oil & gas and offshore wind are our most important markets. GustoMSC has been addressing the essential changes in the offshore energy market since years. Technological challenges and pushing boundaries are part of GustoMSC’s DNA. We believe we can help our clients move forward as the global energy transition accelerates. Energy efficiency and sustainability are an essential consideration in all GustoMSC design and equipment solution processes. 

Making a real difference

GustoMSC works on innovative engineering to deal with exiting developments such as digitalization and the energy transition. 

The GustoMSC DNA, our 1.5 century experience in the offshore maritime sectors, combined with new initiatives or products, propone our company to be a leading partner for future challenges and opportunities for our clients. At GustoMSC we are effective at solving complex problems, utilizing this power to make a real difference is what motivates us as offshore pioneers. 

GustoMSC’s history shows that flexibility and the ability to meet the demands of the offshore market ensure that we remain relevant as pioneers. Now and in the future.

If this matches your imagination, join the offshore engineering pioneers, join GustoMSC.

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