S.G. "William Froude"

The Scheepsbouwkundig Gezelschap “William Froude” is the study association of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. The association was founded on the 17th of November 1903 and has been involved in monitoring and improving the quality of the education. Next to this, organizing excursions, guest lectures, social activities and other means to support its members in their academic career has been an important part of its existence. The S.G. “William Froude” offers its members the opportunity to discover the many aspects, possibilities and developments of the maritime industry in the Netherlands and abroad.

Every Academic year, the association is led by a board of five members: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Commissioner of Education and Commissioner of Excursions. The board finds its support from the members in the form of committees organizing various events.

More info can be found on froude.nl

Meet the committee

The Grand Journey committee is a committee of S.G. “William Froude”. The goal of this committee is to organise a study trip for students that are at the end of their bachelor’s or in their master’s of Marine Technology at Delft University of Technology. This study trip is organised every two years. The committee aims to give students experience with the global maritime industry and related ‘technical industry’. The study trip serves as a way to show the participating students a side of the industry that cannot be seen in Europe.

Tycho Melles


Hey there! My name is Tycho and I am the chairman of this committee. In this position, it is my responsibility to make sure everything gets done and gets done right. I keep the oversight, see to it that we don’t get behind on schedule and help out wherever I am needed. When all parts come together as a successful whole, I consider my job well done. 

Both personally and professionally, I am very internationally oriented. I have been able to explore a big part of Europe and my participation in Intel ISEF 2019 allowed me to cross (part of) the United States off my bucket list as well. I am very excited to add South Korea, Vietnam and Singapore to that list and experience all the inspiring culture and maritime industry they have to offer!

20210520-_DSC6995 (2)

Lara Notenboom

Commissioner of MATSO

Hi! I’m Lara and I will be the MATSO Commissioner. The MATSO Foundation was founded to help maritime students orientate abroad by helping the students to collect the money needed for this trip. In exchange, the student will do a so-called MATSO internship at a maritime company of his or her own choice. I will help the students get in touch with companies. Also, companies can contact me if they are interested in a student who can do an internship with them.

I think it is very important to discover our upcoming work sector: the maritime industry, outside the borders of our own country. I am really excited to experience not only the industry, but also the culture and nature, in Asia.

Gert Dekkers

Public Relations

Hi! I’m Gert and I will be responsible for the public relations. I’m honored to be part of this committee which will be a learning experience as well. Besides communicating with the participants of the Grand Journey, I’m also partially responsible for the webpage you are on right now! Got a question about the Grand Journey? Don’t hesitate to mail us!

Together with my parents, I have made many holiday trips, but the most memorable one was to Canada. Nevertheless, I’ve got a strong feeling that the Grand Journey to Asia might take over this spot. I’m looking forward to the journey and everything it has to offer!

Elise Hoffmann


Hello! My name is Elise and I’m the secretary of this commission. I will be in charge of making the minutes during our meetings and I’m responsible for the mailbox. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us an email and I’ll make sure the right person will find you an answer.

As long as I can remember, I’ve travelled all over the world with my parents. There is only one continent that we have never visited: Asia. Regarding the maritime industry, Asia really is the place to be so I’m very excited to go there and explore the differences with Europe regarding the industry, but also the cultural differences.

Jelle Woudstra


Hi, my name is Jelle and I will be treasurer for this edition of the Grand Journey. Together with Roan we will be responsible for the coordination and preparation of the budget. We are also responsible for the bookkeeping in order to make sure that the trip will remain within budget. 

I am very excited for this edition of the Grand Journey as we will be going to Asia. Being born and raised in Singapore means I will in a sense be heading home. With the knowledge I have acquired in my studies I will be able to look at a familiar picture through a new lens. I am eager to see what the maritime sector in Singapore, Vietnam and South Korea has in store for us!

Roan Zwinkels


As treasurer, together with Jelle I am responsible for all expenditures.  Next to this we look after the budget of this project. This committee has two treasurers to help each other and carry the responsibility of this undertaking. Together with Gert I am also partially responsible for this site.

The Grand Journey has always excited me since when I came to know about it. It gives us as students the ultimate opportunity to get a taste of the maritime industry around the globe. The experience that students will gather from this will be invaluable.  With this committee I am confident that it will be a trip to remember.

Loek Vliex

Secretary S.G. "William Froude"

In the academic year 2020-2021 I will ‘QQ’ the Grand Journey committee. This essentially means that I will oversee the committee as a board member of the S.G. “William Froude”. As the committee is taking on the (logistical) challenge of organising a journey on the other side of the planet, it is often very rewarding to sometimes “zoom out” and see what everybody is learning from his or her committee work. In the academic year of 2021-2022 my successor will take over the supervision of the committee.