The committee

The Grand Journey committee is a committee of S.G. “William Froude”, the study association of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. The goal of this committee is to organise a study trip for students that are at the end of their bachelor’s or in their master’s of Marine Technology at Delft University of Technology. This study trip is organised every two years. The committee aims to give students experience with the global maritime industry and related ‘technical industry’. Experiencing other cultures and visiting universities are other important parts of the trip. The study trip serves as a way to show the participating students a side of the industry that cannot be seen in the Netherlands. 

Below, you can find the current committee

Ruben Stam


Hello! I’m Ruben Stam, the chairman of this exceptional committee. Alongside some fantastic committee members, I’m pleased to organize the Grand Journey ’25. It’s my responsibility to ensure that all tasks are completed accurately and efficiently. I make sure that the preparation for the Grand Journey ’25 progresses according to schedule, and we adeptly address any potential delays to catch up effectively. Additionally, I take on necessary tasks when required. Witnessing other members proficiently handling their responsibilities and achieving successful results brings me contentment.

The upcoming Grand Journey will only be my third time flying in my life, and the first time I will travel outside of Europe—exciting! I look forward to exploring the different countries, cultures, companies, and nature we get to experience. Furthermore, I’m confident the journey will offer an unforgettable and educational experience, providing everyone with a unique perspective on the maritime industry. To be continued.

Pepijn Lebbink


Hi! I’m Pepijn and I am the MATSO Commissioner. The MATSO Foundation was founded in 1986 to help the students with collecting the money needed for this trip. In exchange, the student will do a so-called MATSO internship at a maritime company of his or her own choice. My job is to coordinate these internships by facilitating contact between students and companies. Students can reach out to me if they are interested, but companies can also contact me if they are interested in a student.

As commissioner of MATSO, I am also part of our sponsor team. Organising such a long trip would not be possible without our partners. Strong partnerships between the organising committee and companies are very valuable, both for us and our partners! With our team we have the responsibility of managing these relations. 

The Grand Journey is an unforgettable experience both to organise and participate in. The committee is filled with passionate and ambitious members and I am proud to be part of it!

Gijs Goselink

Treasurer 1

Hi, my name is Gijs, and I will hold the position of Treasurer for this edition of the Grand Journey. Together with Jelle, our task is to manage all the financials. Our aim is to make sure that every aspect of the journey aligns with our budgetary constraints, allowing us to enjoy a wide range of activities and experiences.

I’m excited to organize the Grand Journey, where we’ll gain new cultural insights and explore different maritime companies. It’s going to be a great mix of learning and gaining new experiences.

Jelle Oudemans

Treasurer 2

Hello! I’m Jelle, and along with my colleague Gijs, I’m excited to serve as a treasurer for the Grand Journey Committee. Our job is crucial, we’re the financial backbone of our trips, ensuring that every euro is well accounted for, covering all income and expenses.

The Grand Journey is more than just a study trip. It’s a deep dive into the diverse of cultures and maritime businesses across the globe. It presents for us to explore new landscapes, understand different ways of life, and engage with unique business practices in various countries. It’s about broadening our horizons and gaining a richer, more understanding view of the world around us.

Jasper Klein

Public Relations

Hello there! My name is Jasper Klein and I will be acting as commissioner of public relations during the preparation of the upcoming Grand Journey. It is my responsibility to communicate information regarding the Grand Journey to all relevant stakeholders. If you have any questions regarding the Grand Journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the contact information provided on this website.

I personally believe that broad international orientation will provide unique insights for an individual on both a personal and a professional level. Thus, I am extremely excited to provide an opportunity for the next generation of marine engineers to personally experience the highlights of the Asian maritime sector!

Kevin Lu


Hello everyone! My name is Kevin Lu, and I will be the secretary for this edition of the Grand Journey. I will be responsible for communication between participants and the committee, so I’ll make sure all questions are answered.

As a person of Chinese heritage myself, I find Asian geopolitics and their side effects to be incredibly interesting. The maritime sector is no exception; China has started to consolidate its foothold, and all of us, Asian or European, will be fighting for our own spot in the market. The regions we will visit will surely have many interesting geopolitical lessons for us to learn!

Tom Blokland

Chairman S.G. "William Froude" & MATSO board member

During the academic year of 2023-2024 I am the board member of the study association S.G. “William Froude” to oversee the committee. This essentially means that I advise and steer the committee through the possibilities within the association. It is very interesting to see how such a big project takes form through the enthusiasm of the committee members. I am not very busy with the details, but know everything about the place of the grand journey within the association.

Next to this, I am a board member of the MATSO foundation. By connecting the maritime students to the maritime industry, MATSO makes it possible to earn the money through doing a maritime project, thus allowing students to fund their Grand Journey!

S.G. "William Froude"

The Scheepsbouwkundig Gezelschap “William Froude” is the study association of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. The association was founded on the 17th of November 1903 and has been involved in monitoring and improving the quality of the education. Next to this, organizing excursions, guest lectures, social activities and other means to support its members in their academic career has been an important part of its existence. The S.G. “William Froude” offers its members the opportunity to discover the many aspects, possibilities and developments of the maritime industry in the Netherlands and abroad.

Every Academic year, the association is led by a board of five members: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Commissioner of Education and Commissioner of Excursions. The board finds its support from the members in the form of committees organizing various events.

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