You may have questions during the registration process or during preparation for the trip itself. We have collected some frequently asked questions with answers to guide you. These questions have been categorized below. If you have any questions not handled in the FAQ below, feel free to contact us!

General information

The Grand Journey is the capstone of your time with Froude! You’ll get to visit many great companies and discover interesting foreign cultures. It’s a great learning experience, showing the many differences between the Netherlands and other countries. Of course, the Journey will also be a great time with your fellow students! All in all, there are more than enough reasons to join.

Go to the Froude website. You can find all relevant information for the application process there.

Keep an eye on the Froude website, and the @sgwilliamfroude Instagram account. You can sign up whenever the registration opens on the Froude website!

You need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You will finish/have finished your Bachelor Marine Technology by February of 2025;
  • You’re a member of Froude;
  • You and a board member have both signed the declaration of participation;
  • You’ve cleared your schedule from week 31 through week 34 of 2025 (the period from the 28th of July trough the 24th of August);
  • You will pay the required amount for the journey. This can be funded through a MATSO internship, which is explained below.

    In case there are too many registrations (including the last-minute signups), a selection process will take place. The selection will be based on your motivation letters and on the number of ECTS you have. An independent selection commission will be set up for this reason, ensuring a fair process.

    The period exists to give the organization some freedom. This way, the commission can make small adjustments to the trip, which may make the flights cheaper to book, or allow us to plan even better experiences! The period that participants need to clear in their schedules is week 31 through week 34 in 2025. This means the 28th of July through the 24th of August 2025.

    Come to the board room with a printed version of the contract. Alternatively, you can digitally sign the declaration, and then send it to They will then send a Board-signed copy back to you.

    The printout is a summary of all your academic credits (ECTS) that you have obtained so far. Go to MyTUDelft (Osiris) -> Progress (Voortgang) -> Study Progress Overview (Studievoortgangsoverzicht). Then select “Don’t print test results” (Geen toetsresultaten afdrukken) , and select “No” (Nee) three times. Press “Show study progress overview” (Toon studievoortgangsoverzicht) and download your printout. You will have to upload this file during the application process.

    All questions relating to personal details/matters are answered in the privacy policy of S.G. “William Froude”. These can be found on the Froude website.


    A MATSO internship is an internship that you can do at a company in order to fund your Grand Journey! You’ll set up a contract with the company stating the length of your tenure, the working hours, as well as the total sum of money that will be funded. You will not personally receive the money earned, but it allows your trip to be funded. The company will donate the money that you earn to the MATSO foundation. MATSO then donates to Froude, making sure the Grand Journey is paid for you.

    For more information, check out the MATSO website.

    The contract should be signed before the 30th of September 2024 (subject to change). However, the internship itself can still be done after this deadline. A general tip: the summer break of 2024 is usually a perfect moment to do your internship.

    No, you must finish your internship before the 2025 Grand Journey begins.

    No, you can only get the full sum at once. This means you’ll have to completely finish your internship.

    That depends on the company you will be working at, as you’ll have to settle this in your own contract. However, as a guideline your internship will approximately be between 3 to 5 weeks.

    Cancellation by the organizing committee

    • If (part of) the Grand Journey is already paid for at the moment of cancellation, the organizing committee will decide which part of the trip is refundable. Any costs made at the moment of the cancellation will not be refundable. Thus, it is advised to purchase a personal cancellation insurance with an external insurance company if you are funding the trip yourself.
    • If the participant is paying for the trip through a MATSO internship, the participant will not receive a refund. This is due to the fact that the participant has invested time rather than personal money.

    In this case the organizing committee, together with the board of S.G. “William Froude” and the participants, will find a suitable maritime goal. This could, for example, be maritime workshops, training sessions or other maritime activities. Participants will not receive any money that has been earned through a MATSO internship.

    Cancellation by the participant

    • If a participant is funding his/her own trip, the participant will receive a refund, withholding the costs made at the point of cancellation. (Note, the majority of costs will be made around March 2025)
    • If the participant is paying for the trip through a MATSO internship, the participant will not receive a refund. This is due to the fact that the participant has invested time rather than personal money.

    Financial matters

    The registration fee covers the costs for flights, local travel arrangements, accomodation, and three meals each day. Furthermore, depending on budgetary availability, the costs for several cultural activities are covered.

    Leftover money after completion of the Grand Journey will under no circumstance be refunded to the participants. The organizing committee will, together with the general members meeting, decide the best use for the leftover money. For example, in 2019 the choice was made to compensate the trip’s CO2 emisions.

    The participant will under no circumstance be requested to pay any amount other than the initial registration fee. If the total sum of registration fees ends up falling short of the costs of the Grand Journey, the organizing committee will be responsible for finding a solution (for example, by attaining extra sponsorships, additional money from the S.G. “William Froude” etc.).

    As a general indication, the registration fee will be due around March 2025. The exact date will be communicated clearly to the registered participants. The registration fee is to be deposited to the S.G. “William Froude”.


    While travel within Europe is unrestricted, the combined uncertainty of the east Asian public health conditions together with the distant timeline results in the organizing committee retaining every right to change destination countries and/or the travel period.

    The committee reserves the right to change the above information. No rights can be derived from these questions and answers.